Top places to see in Northern Europe countries

Scandinavia and particularly Sweden is a wonderful travel destination. Stockholm – Sweden’s capital, the vibrant city of Stockholm sits on a series of 14 islands. A photographer’s dream, its grand waterfront buildings contrast with a beautifully preserved old town, miles of open parkland and some impressive examples of contemporary architecture. But it’s not all about the views. Stockholm boasts some top-class museums – from the Academy of Fine Arts to the people-pleasing Abba Museum – plus plenty of palaces, where you can marvel at the lavish lifestyles of the royals.

Lofoten, Norway – Adventure seekers will find plenty of thrills in the arctic seas around this northern congregation of Norwegian islands. Get your adrenaline rush surfing the frigid crescents off Unstad, or go for a midnight kayak trip with the sun as your backdrop, spotting porpoises and schools of herring along the way-just don’t forget your wet suit. Angling enthusiasts might also charter a boat to try their hands at catching halibut, haddock, and skrei, the massive cod that call these waters home. After a day on the waves, retire to one of the red fishing cabins, known locally as rorbu, that line the region’s scenic harbors. Prefer more traditional lodgings? You’ll find larger hotel options (Thon is a standout) in the bustling port town of Svolv?r. Extra details regarding travel agency in france

?sterlen, Sweden – Home to rolling fields of poppies and cornflowers, rather than the usual dense pine forests, ?sterlen is the gorgeous chunk of land in the far southeast of Sweden. It’s one of the best parts of the country to explore by car, with farm shops and orchards sprouting up at the side of the road, and powder-fine beaches hugging the pristine coast. Head to Stenshuvud Nationalpark on a warm summer’s day, squint just a little, and you might think you’ve landed on some languid Thai island.

It is necessary to include The Royal Palace in the plans of your trip. This is the most famous building of the Norwegian capital, where Norwegian monarchs continue living up to this day. The king of Norway hosts guest delegations here organizes receptions. Also, the leaders of other countries stay in the Royal Palace during their visits to Norway. Near to the palace, there is also a park with more than 2000 trees and beautiful flowers. If you choose not to visit the Royal Palace, then you must definitely visit this park.

Gotland, Sweden – Sweden’s largest island, Gotland lies in the Baltic Sea, a three-hour ferry trip from the mainland. Its highlight is the beautifully preserved medieval town of Visby. An Unesco World Heritage site, its warren of narrow cobbled streets, timbered buildings and fortified walls are a joy to explore. But the rest of island is appealing too, with miles of long sandy beaches and lush woodlands. Gotland is pretty flat, so hire a bike and set off round the island, stopping en route at its pretty rural villages, small fishing settlements and local farms and cafe’s. Read more regarding

When you are on holiday in Finland, you must try at least one adventure park. We recommend you to try the Sarkanniemi Amusement Park because attractions in this park are family-friendly. In this amusement park, you can also visit the planetarium, the aquarium and the observation tower, so every visitor in the park will be entertained. Sarkanniemi park is a perfect choice for a short day trip.

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