Catalonia coastal or mountain roads for moto tourism

Catalonia is one of those places that the most experienced bikers love. Coastal or mountain roads, the possibilities are endless and there are always places to discover and ride. One of the classic routes if we are in Barcelona is to travel the area of Montseny, a spectacular Natural Park dotted with mountain villages where you also eat luxury. Curves between forests for some roads where Alex Crivillé made his first pinitos. In fact in this route we will pass by Seva, his native town. We can do it in a morning or, if we want to get all the juice out of the area, spend a full day.

The Montseny

Nestled in the Catalan mountain range, it is the highest massif, which gives us an entertaining drive between curves and forests. There are two roads that cross the main towns, so there are several options.

For our route, we will depart from Montmeló towards Santa María de Palautordera, where the road that will guide us up to Collformic begins, a mountain pass at 1,145 metres above sea level and where we find, in addition to exceptional views, a small restaurant where we can have a typical breakfast.

We leave Collformic behind to take again the road towards Seva, where it is convenient to take a little more time. In addition to being able to take a photo of us in the monument that the locality dedicated to its neighbour more motorcyclist, it is a good moment to park the motorbike and to walk by its old part, to walk under the arch of the Casade la Vila and to approach also to its City council. So far this would be the most typical start. However, there is a second option as an alternative and it would be, starting from Montmeló, to drive towards Aiguafreda as say the team Barcelona scooter rental.

This alternative is especially worthwhile on the hottest days, as it allows us to take a comforting bath in the pools that we will find in the stream of Martinet if we dare to walk a little. In the case of opting for this way, we would continue later towards Seva and from there the route would be the same in both cases.

Now, leaving behind the village of Crivillé, we continue until we reach Viladrau, also famous for its waters and where those who chose the first path will also have the opportunity to enjoy incredible waterfalls without having to walk too much.

After a snack in the village we will reach the most expected ascent, the one that takes us to Turó de l’Home, at 1,706 meters of altitude and where, again, we will go down a few moments of the motorbike to cover only a few meters that separate the esplanade that is usually used to park to reach on foot to the repeater antenna that is from where we will really get a complete view of the área as say the team scooter rental Barcelona.

Higher up we will not be able to ascend so we will begin the descent towards the sea until Sant Celoni, where the past and the present are confused in the Pont Trencat (broken bridge), since only a few years ago an old Roman bridge has been rehabilitated to use it again. A fusion that some like and others not so much, but what we are sure of is that everyone will love the fact of being able to take a bath in the river.

To return to the starting point we have two options again, just like when we started. If there is time, it is best to opt for the coastal road, parallel to the sea and climb, before arriving in Barcelona, towards Montmeló, where we started. If we prefer to continue driving inland, it won’t take us half an hour.

Author: ResortPro