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Dubai Musandam trip: There are two types of dolphin that visit the Musandam waters; the Humpback dolphins (Sousa Chinensis), and the Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops Aduncus). Visitors can go watch the dolphins through a boat ride, or sail around them in a traditional Omani Dhow.

Two different kinds of dolphins pay a visit to the Musandam waters every now and then. These are the Humpback dolphins (Sousa Chinensis), and the Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus). The best way to meet with these dolphins and get to know them is to take a boat ride. The dolphins are friendly and curious and will come and say hello to your boat. Here’s some great news for adrenalin junkies. If you’re thinking Musandam is just for beach lovers, think again. It’s one of the best-known destinations in Oman for paragliding and parasailing. When you’re up at that height, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the beaches, valleys, bays, mountains and more. Get your straps on and take off from the Zighy Mountain, from a height of 1,000-feet above the ground. Glide over the pristine bay and enjoy the incredible views all around.

Musandam is historically one of Oman’s most remote and impoverished areas, home to tribes who had little in common, either culturally or linguistically, with those further south. The inhabitants of Kumzar continue to speak a unique language – Kumzari – based on Iranian blended with elements of Arabic, along with numerous loan-words from Hindi, English, Spanish and French – said to be the result of sailors shipwrecked along the coast who settled in the village. The region has also enjoyed close connections with Iran, just a short boat trip away over the Strait of Hormuz. Until recently a flourishing smuggling trade connected the two, and the influence of Iran continues to be strong to this day.

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In the Wadi Shab and Wadi Rawdha, there are small canyons cutting through the mountains. The most sought-after adventure sports here are cliff jumping, canoeing, and swimming. The valleys have trekking and trailing routes for those interested. You can even go camping at some designated spots. The mountain ride at Jabal Hareem mountain is totally unforgettable! In this route you can find fascinating fossils and ruins of the ancient civilizations. Appreciate the spellbinding view of the mountains from Sayh, a small town that comes en route. The final destination of this mountain ride is Khor Najd, a rocky terrain offering jaw-dropping views of the Indian Ocean.

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