Dakar, Senegal attractions and the best airlines to get there

Top destinations in Dakar and the best airlines to get there? Ile Gorée is often cited as the ‘number one thing to do’ in Dakar, and it’s not hard to see why. Lying two kilometres off Dakar’s south coast, the island is a UNESCO world heritage site, and was the largest slave-trading centre in West Africa between the 15th and 19th centuries. Now it’s a sanctuary of calm, with a population of around 1,500 living in pastel-coloured houses on tranquil cobbled streets. A castle, which served as a WWII outpost, provides fantastic views of the island and downtown Dakar, while visiting the 18th century Maison des Esclaves (House of Slaves) is a must. Established as museum in the 1960s, the sole remaining slave house on the island serves as a harrowing reminder of the brutality, cruelty, and scale of the transatlantic slave trade.

Also known as Lac Rose or Pink Lake, Lake Retba is located less than an hour’s drive north of Dakar. Once the finishing point for the Dakar Rally, the lake is so named for its unique rose-colored waters. Its unusual appearance is caused by an abundance of Dunaliella salina algae, and during the dry season, its salinity exceeds even that of the Dead Sea. The high salt content makes swimming a buoyant affair, while salt collectors around the water’s edge offer an interesting insight into the local culture.

African Renaissance Monument is a 49 meter long bronze statue depicting an African man holding his child on his shoulder and a woman embracing the man. It represents the achievements of African people and rise of the nation after independence. African Renaissance Monument is constructed by a North Korean company and caused much controversies for 27 million USD was invested despite Senegal’s economical-crisis back then. Some see this as a glorious icon, some see this as the symbol of corruption. For non-African foreigners the entrance fee is 5000 CFAs, for African visitors and visitors from other countries with African heritage it is 1500 CFA’s. The view that statue offers in amazing, Memalles Lighthouse on one side and the western-most point of Africa is on the other. Many visitors leave here without visiting the small museum inside the statue and going up to the observation point which is the man’s head in the monument. There you can learn about the history and the construction process of the monument. Read extra details at https://www.acgroupvoyages.com/.

Senegal is a traveler’s delight located on the west coast of the continent of Africa. This incredible African country features several natural worth-visiting spots and impressive French colonial heritage. Dakar is popular as the capital of Senegal. Amazing wildlife, enchanting beaches, rich culture, and spellbinding islands attract lots of tourists to explore Senegal. And, if you are planning to visit Senegal, you need to know some of the most popular tourist attractions to explore. So, let’s have a look at them. Goree Island is one of the famous tourist spot situated on near the coast of the capital Dakar. It has a history of prominent slave-trading center. It is crucial place for African-Americans who visit it to pay their respects to the past of their ancestors.

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